It's Covered: the Insurance Podcast

Paul and Mel discuss insurance, claims, coverages, WAIT DON'T FALL ASLEEP ON ME!

Yeah, we have the same complaints that everyone else does about a lot of people discussing insurance and risk management. They are boring. This is the thing that rebuilds people's homes when they burn down, that pay for a kid's college when a parent has died, that fixes your car after a wreck. The "boring" insurance guy is the last line of defense when everything goes wrong.

Let's start getting some passion up in this joint!

That's what we're here to do. We're going to have some fun, we're going to talk straight, we're going kick out excuses and demand better from our industry.

You in?

It's free, interactive, and ROI positive

We want to grow as insurance guys. We haven't arrived, but we're determined to get there. And we want to help others get there too and we want to hear from people who are ahead of us who might be able to help out.


"I can dig it," you are saying (or something like that). "How do I get started.

Do you already listen to podcasts? Get your podcast app up and search for "its covered." Yeah, I know it's misspelled but it's the best way to find us.

Don't do podcasts already? If you have an iphone, you already have a podcast app. Find it. If you have Android, you'll have to download one. I like Podcast Addict or Stitcher.  (Pro tip - click those words to get them.)

Don't want to do either of those? How about a direct link? Just jump in there every Monday morning for the new episode and you're golden!

Mel wanted it noted that the dude in the photo is not one of us.