It's Covered: The Insurance Podcast

The weekly podcast is free, just like my awesome service for my customers. Ha! Seriously, if you are in the insurance world or just like talk about such things, you need to give this a listen. We're putting the SURE back in INSURANCE!

Yeah, that wasn't my best one, but I'll think of something better later.

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6 Claims Pitfalls!

6 Claims Pitfalls and what an agent can do about them! is a free ebook by adjuster and agent (and cohost of the It's Covered podcast) Paul Lytle. If you are an agent who is looking for better understanding of how to service claims and make sure you customer is satisfied, please download this book!

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Premier Agency Claims Training

PACT is the next step for agents who want to totally dominate when it comes to claims service, policy writing, and protecting their customers. With nearly 70 videos spanning 8 hours, claims expert Paul Lytle reviews step-by-step what happens in claims, how to make sure your customers are satisfied, and how to preemptively insure that your customers are properly covered for claims.

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An industry podcast that isn't industrial

We're a podcast that is dedicate to providing useful and solid information, news, solutions, and best practices in an industry that is known as dull and incomprehensible.

Paul and Mel have worked in both claims and agency environments and want to communicate to both worlds a unique understanding of the industry and where we are going.


Where do I start?!

We are doing our best to provide a great deal of value to you and this industry, but there are a couple of places you can start with some free content that you're going to love. First is the podcast - just click the link above. But the best single way to get a great deal of value from us right away is to get the ebook. Click the link to read more about it and download it for free.